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Adrian Cruz Elements atelier.jpg

In 1946, my grandfather Chema, started to work with resin in his small atelier in Mexico City. He created figures such as toys, buttons and household products, but his creativity went beyond the commercial use of the resin. He started to experiment with new forms, encapsulating flowers and insects to create magnificent artworks.


When I was a child I used to play with these objects, fascinated by the translucency and the three-dimensional illusion that light creates through the resin. After finishing my studies in Architecture in Italy, I realized that those objects were still in my mind waiting to be revived and played again. Today, using the unique and sophisticated technique that Chema developed, I mix colours inspired by the Mexican culture with pure forms in onyx and marble as learnt through my architect's journey.


Through the objects that my grandfather created, he transmitted me his passion.

Although I never met him, each piece I design is like discovering something new about Chema.

chema 1 BN.jpg

Mexico City, 1947. Chema at his atelier

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